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Teleport signs

This plugin is useful because servers can be divided into different signs and if you click on one of the players to teleport to the specified server. You can create a TeleportSign with a name, worldname and the coordinates and if you click this sign, you'll be teleported to the coordinates. Build your own. SignTP is a very unique sign-teleport plugin. Unlike others of its category, this plugin offers unlimited custom sign prefixes, instead of the default blue [Warp] tag .

22 Jun Teleport sign by cuber minecraft avatar cuber /give @p sign 1 0 { BlockEntityTag:{Text1:"{text:\"Play on Map 1\",color:\"dark_blue\". Specifically thinking it would be cool if everyone could come from their own base for ease of transport. Back to Spawn is good IMO. Tom added Ben Koren to. expocontact14.com AllSigns. Turn signs into World Teleport and Command Signs. Plugin version API version Downloads on Poggit License Gitter. • Description.

Ok so I have a bungee cord server and all the servers are connected in the hub with Teleport signs and all of them work except for my sky block. 16 Jan I tried searching forums for a tutorial on the tele signs, can someone help?. 4 Feb Teleporters allow you to teleport easily around the place at the click of a sign. Construction. Teleporters are just wall signs Wall sign expocontact14.com


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